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The Simple Architecture Movement

By Scott Andersen To Be Simple. Step 1: Reduce Complexity. Step 2: Document reality. Step 3: If in doubt refer to rule one. I have for most of the past 20 years worried about the complexity of software architectures. I can remember visiting customers that had 200, 300 and even 500 or more pages printed

The Right Thing To Do…

By Scott Andersen   Abstract: Talking about the difference between doing the right thing and in the end what is the right thing to do. Ethics, architects and what to do...   I’ve written quite a few posts on ethics over the past few months. The question I got earlier this month however really threw

Wait, is that a smoke screen before me?

If for a moment we consider the concept of cloud computing as a fad what does that mean? A fad being something that appears and then quickly fades from view and is only talked about by late night comedians (remember cloud – those were the days). Cloud isn’t a fad but it is no longer

More Ethical questions for architects

By Scott Andersen Two new ethical questions for architects. The first question is for architects that create content to be consumed by organizations and other architects in the production of a solution for the first architects company. IE a request for information and or proposal sent to another company. All of this links to articles

One more ethical dilemma for software architects

By Scott Andersen I got a great email this week about ethics. The question was about a dilemma I hadn’t gotten to as of yet but still valid and very much an ethical concept to consider. Dilemma 5 You are working on a company project for a financial reporting system. Your boss’s boss comes into

More Ethical Dilemma’s for Software Architects

by Scott Andersen Architects, Ethics and more Dilemmas There are times in life when in fact the mistakes we make don’t impact us. There are times when the mistakes almost drown out the good things we do. It’s the reality we live in. Last week I posted two “software architect” as advisor dilemmas. I got

Ethical Dilemma’s for Software Architects…

  The ethics of software architecture are comprised of a series of responses to regulatory and other formal requirements. Building a system that violates the law isn’t ethical and its pretty much wrong to boot. But there are a number of other ways you can get into ethical dilemma’s as a software architect (working with

When does the software architect stop being responsible for a solution? At the end of design? The end of deployment? 20 years after?

by Scott Andersen I love email comments! Got a great comment on Tuesday of this week that posed an interesting question. It traverse the line between responsibility and ethics. I have to say I got it early Tuesday and thought about it from then until this morning without a resolution. I have a thought and a

Ethical question–who owns my blog?

by Scott Andersen So last week I posted another blog on the concept of Ethics and Architects. It was a dilemma from a reader. Monday as I checked my email I had gotten another suggestion for a topic/dilemma for architects in the field of ethics. The ethics of architects blogging… Blogs are interesting. Over time

Architects should, think about tomorrow…

by Scott Andersen My Amazon author page!!!! I have wondered for a long time about the “Internet of things” I’ve posted several somewhat negative posts on the total available bandwidth being a concern. What I have realized however is that the Internet of things is a great architect problem. Architects should