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Compliance vs. Ethics

Its an interesting question I got via email (and Paul posted two weeks ago). Globally there are a number of aspects of the concepts of ethics that change depending upon where you are. Never that the ethics get looser just that there are regional flavors of ethics that apply. The reality is that compliance is

She meant Software Architect

Did she just say Architect? Its interesting that in the past five or so years the title of software architect has undergone significant change. The initial argument (He’s an architect – so he builds buildings?) added the software in front of the title. Did she say software architect? In fact she did. Software Architects build

The inclusion pattern of innovation…

http://docandersen.podbean.com http://docandersen.wordpress.com http://scottoandersen.wordpress.com My Amazon author page!!!! http://www.safegov.org I’ve spent considerable time on my blog in the past four months talking about the concepts of innovation. I pulled all of them together into what I call Andersen’s Law of innovation. I talked about the trends and realities of innovation in our ever expanding technology market.

Memorial Day 2014 and my law of innovation…

http://docandersen.podbean.com http://docandersen.wordpress.com (This blog published on Sunday) Tomorrow let’s take a moment to remember those who have fallen. Not just here in the US but also around the world. Those who paved the way for those of us who are free and those paving the way for those who wish to be free. (To those