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Artificial Intelligence in Banking

AI in Banking by Santanu Dutta Santanu Dutta is a creative, results driven technology leader with over 19 years of experience across BFSI, Retail and Aviation-ERP domains. He has been designing business solution architecture and delivering Enterprise Level Solutions across geographies. His has demonstrated his expertise in devising strategies aimed at enhancing overall organizational growth, sustained profitability

Systems Architecting Experience

Systems Architecting Experience by Alexander Samarin Alexander Samarin wrote his first software program in the year 1973. He obtained a PhD (in computer graphics) in the year 1986. He has worked for a variety of international clients in Switzerland, UK, France, Australia and Africa. He specialises in architecture, implementation and evolution of enterprise-wide solutions with the

Financial Advisory Role of Future Digital Bank

Financial Advisory Role of Future Digital Bank by Santanu Dutta Presentation Abstract: Present technology paradigm shift is disrupting banking industry in a big scale now. We all are curious to understanding how this transformation is going to reshape banking industry. In that context, we will try to find answer to the following questions: What