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Architecting the ecosystem of Big Data to Actionable Insight

I have been asked to share my thoughts on Big Data and Information Architecture in an internal group of Chief Architects by Iasa Global.  As I gear up to deliver this session, I think about the critical need for an effective ecosystem where Big Data can enjoy a healthy existence - and the vital role

Maximizing the business potential of IoT

by E.G. Nadhan It was a wonderful experience presenting on IoT along with other distinguished speakers at the Feb 2016 Monthly eSummit. Interestingly enough, even before I started, there was an intriguing question posed in the session that preceded mine about the Return of Investment on IoT. A really good question given that digital transformation

Can the IoT take a life of its own?

by E.G. Nadhan   The Virtual Conference eSummit this month on Wed, 17 Feb 2016 features a diverse array of sessions on the Internet of Things.  I am one of the speakers featured at 2 PM Central on the subject - Can the IoT take a life of its own.  Gearing up to speak at