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Enterprise Messaging Platform

by Bhagvan Kommadi Introduction Messaging Product is envisioned as a messaging platform for communication between consumers. It can be extended to B2C and B2B depending on the context. The messaging platform can be white labelled to be embedded in another product or standalone for specific brands or influencer promotions. The product can be used as

Why Frameworks Aren’t a Body of Knowledge

The development of a body of knowledge (BoK) is no small effort. At Iasa, we have been working to perfect a body of knowledge based on member accomplishments and contributions for over 10 years. We have been through many versions, although in the end we decided to set the official version number of this release

Open Source is Enterprise Ready – “Moving from Time Telling to Clock Building”

by Bhagvan Kommadi Once purely academic, open source is now enterprise ready. We have begun to see many customers build enterprise-specific platforms by choosing open source components during the architectural design process. Such projects in telecom, banking, financial services and insurance have begun to demystify "the myth of reuse" by using open source components selectively. As