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Architects should have fun!!!! My Amazon author page!!!! Software Architecture is a profession. As a member of that profession I've been asked to contribute to the IASA Blog Architects should. I felt being the end of a year, the holiday season (oh so many holidays) and frankly because it was interesting we should have an

The Cloud “of Clouds”

The concept of cloud brokerage is interesting. First if you ask any CSP (cloud service provider) they will tell you right away that the extra layer provided by a broker is simply applied cost. Why is that? First off the CSP is now abstracted from their customer. They no longer directly influence the customer, the

How do we move to the cloud

I woke up the other day thinking about a customer question – how do we move to the cloud. Its an easy question right? One I answer every day. But it is a question that begs many more questions. In fact it demands some questions. What are you moving? The first question of course. The