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Tools for Exploring the Future

“The future is already here it’s just not evenly distributed” – William Gibson The Future isn’t certain, we struggle to understand the impact of the future and fail to see the signals that are right in front of our eyes. As the rate of change intensifies now more than ever we need to learn future

Future Role of Architects

The Future of the Architect: reports of our extinction have been greatly exaggerated. A completely subjective look at the direction the role of the architect might take in years to come, as we endeavour to keep up with the ever accelerating pace of change. Riccardo began his career as an academic researcher, specialising in bioinformatics


We value working software over comprehensive documentation” is what the manifesto for agile software development says, with the typical misinterpretation of these few words being “don’t write documentation”. Of course, that’s not what the manifesto says and “no documentation” certainly wasn’t the intent. It seems that many software teams have lost the ability to communicate