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June eSummit – Enterprise Architecture Needs an Update

by Glen Willis The way IT assets are acquired, operated and retired has shifted significantly in recent years.Architecture services and deliverables have become dated and need to be revised to support new business operating models (including the business of IT) We need to update the operating model of the Architecture function. This is to maximize its

June eSummit – Hybrid thinking – the missing link

by Craig Martin According to Daniel Pink we are shifting out of the information age into the conceptual age, or the age of the idea. To cope with this shift, a number of “new” disciplines have emerged and encroach on the domain of architecture. Has the architecture discipline lost ground in some of these areas? What

June eSummit – Great Architecture; change management needed for execution

by David Slight A necessary understanding of Change Management models and techniques ensures Architects are seen as change agent. The change methods and frameworks also help Enterprise Architects demonstrate their contribution, moving business forward, with less risk and getting them there sooner. This module is one of six that form the Enterprise Architect Mindset course, available

June eSummit – Business-Driven Roadmaps, Funding & Initiatives

by Diana Krohn There is untapped opportunity in cross-functional business planning. Investments and benefits can be optimized by using capability based analysis, to drive out roadmaps and initiatives. This session follows a United Airlines case study of piloting cross functional business road mapping and IT initiative funding, highlighting the benefits and challenges of implementation. Click HERE

June eSummit – Architecting the Unknown

by Grady Booch There are many systems that we know how to architect (usually because we’ve built them many times before). There also many systems for which we know a process that will lead us to a reasonable architecture (usually because the forces on our project permit incremental and iterative development). There are even some things

June eSummit – Business-Dirven, IT Portfolio Planning

by William Ulrich IT portfolio planning is often a technology-driven exercise, looking at IT cost metrics as a decision-making tool. This approach creates tremendous business risk while ignoring business-driven perspectives and related strategies. Business architecture provides the business perspective required to ensure that IT portfolio planning is no longer just technology-driven, but considers a complete business