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A System Failure in Comunication

In the iconic movie “Cool Hand Luke,” there is an epic line that resonates to this day. The sheriff looking at Luke says “what we have here is a failure to communicate.” It is said with as much intent as you wish in the line. It works to this day as both a threat and

Authenticity and the system that just gave you a traffic ticket…

A baseline of software architecture is the components that comprise a system. The inputs, business process and outputs that solutions build, manage or modify. When a group or collection of systems work together to create, augment or modify information and materials that is an enterprise. An enterprise consists of a number of independent systems that

More Ethical questions for architects

By Scott Andersen Two new ethical questions for architects. The first question is for architects that create content to be consumed by organizations and other architects in the production of a solution for the first architects company. IE a request for information and or proposal sent to another company. All of this links to articles

One more ethical dilemma for software architects

By Scott Andersen I got a great email this week about ethics. The question was about a dilemma I hadn’t gotten to as of yet but still valid and very much an ethical concept to consider. Dilemma 5 You are working on a company project for a financial reporting system. Your boss’s boss comes into

More Ethical Dilemma’s for Software Architects

by Scott Andersen Architects, Ethics and more Dilemmas There are times in life when in fact the mistakes we make don’t impact us. There are times when the mistakes almost drown out the good things we do. It’s the reality we live in. Last week I posted two “software architect” as advisor dilemmas. I got