The Value ‘Weave’ provides a view of using the ITABoK on a value stream or large solution. It extends beyond the ‘Red Thread’ in that it covers many aspects of business to solution architecture and back. The goal of this timeline is to help link the recommended activities from the ITABoK to domain, solutions and value stream architecture work. The articles in this timeline are meant to connect ideas from the ITABoK so they list links as opposed to completely describing the concepts.

This diagram highlights what we call demand shaping (what is often tied to business architecture) through investment prioritization and planning into execution and value management during utilization. Keep in mind while this can be applied at the enterprise level, it applies primarily to the business and solution architects working at a domain or value stream level for the purpose of this Weave. For example a large retail company might have a individual consumer value stream as opposed to a large corporate account value stream. The architects in both would use this Weave individually and coordinate across their value streams (we will show this as a different Weave).