The WCD helps teams and organizations understand the culture they are working within to better understand their engagement model. The diagnostic provides clear set of tools to describe the environment related to its support for safety and cultural characteristics.

AreaDescriptionLinks To
Reason for DiagnosticWhat areas or reasons the team is using the diagnostic tool. Examples may include team stakeholder analysis or engagement model development. Not Applicable
Information UseDescribes how information is sought, shared, and maintained.Not Applicable
LearningDescribes how learning is supported in roles, management and personal work. Not Applicable
ResponsibilityDescribes how responsibility is shared, sought for and achieved. Not Applicable
CollaborationDescribes how well cross-function, multi-level collaboration is encouraged and rewarded. Collaboration (article), Communication Strategy Canvas (informs), Collaboration Planning Canvas (informs)
FailureDescribes how well failures (excluding causing harm on purpose) are treated as a learning opportunity and are not punished. Not Applicable
IdeasDescribes how new ideas, innovation are treated and welcomed in the organization. Not Applicable.